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Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Education and Care

Hello, my name is Laura and I am an in home educator in Lincoln. I see every child as a unique person with their own personality, needs and talents. I work hard to recognize what is important to each child and nurture them with love, respect, support and kindness.

Our home is filled with encouragement and love, surrounded by an environment created with passion. I believe children deserve an environment that is respectful and full of beauty. I work to provoke a sense of curiosity and wonder within the children as they interact with our environment.
I believe that children learn best when they have a strong relationship with an educator who understands each child, their needs and what is important to them. From this foundation, children feel confident to explore their environment, engage in learning experiences and are open to seeing all the wonder and beauty that life and learning has to offer.

I have worked with children in a range of rolls over the past 10 years. Working with children inspires me everyday to see the beauty in life, in learning and in people and relationships. Our environment revolves around strong relationships that have been formed between the children, their families and myself. I currently work with nine different children throughout the week and we have grown to be like one big family.

The children at my home enjoy rituals that we have created together such as eating together around the family table. Our environment is a reflection of the children who are in it and I empower the children to take a guiding role in the direction of their learning.

I am always trying to be the best educator I can be and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE). If you would like to know more you can view our Facebook page called ‘Learning with Laura‘.

Thank you for taking the time to read about what we have to offer.


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