Lou and Bec’s Story


Hi, I’m Bec and i’m Lou, the directors of Organic Kids. We are two passionate early childhood professionals from Christchurch, proud to share our journey and passion in early childhood education. We are both working Mums and have known each other for over 10 years as colleagues and now as friends. Together we have over 35 years experience in the early childhood sector and have both experienced life as teachers in centres and as visiting teachers in the home based sector prior to our joint venture.  It is through our experiences that our commitment and passion for home based care was born. Our dream to open our own home based service was considered one night, and that dream became a reality in February 2015 when ‘Organic Kids In-Home Education and Care’ opened its door for the first time. We can say that our passion and commitment for quality in-home childcare is now a successful business where we can mould our own beliefs and values throughout our pedagogy.

We are blessed to have the amazing Billie and Sharon working alongside us adding depth into our team, you can find more about us here.

‘Organic Kids, a real home away from home, open to investigation where children of all ages can lead their own journey of self-discovery’.

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