Our Philosophy

Our hopes and dreams for the children of Aotearoa is for them to feel loved, safe and respected through being in relationship with caring adults. Our home educators devote quality time fostering secure relationships with the children in their care.

Developing a deep connection and appreciation with Papatuanuku and the natural beauties she offers us, is a big part of our programme.  Your child will have time to experience the beauty of nature, to be creative and imaginative within it, while developing respect in our Forest Education programmes. We support and encourage children in their understanding of the significance of nature as they learn to be kaitiaki of the land. 

Children’s play is supported in peaceful home environments, here your child will be free to explore and follow their own interests, growing a community of learners through PLAY. The resources available encourage children to be creative thinkers, active explores and risk takers, all while developing an “I CAN” approach to learning.

Being in a trusting, secure relationship is the foundation for play, and from play comes learning. Educators have rich learning environments with open ended loose parts play, fostering imagination, empathy, curiosity and social skills. We are a real home away from home, open to investigation where children of all ages can lead their own journey of self-discovery.

Our home educators provide children with many in home and community experiences to support and grow their individual interests and skills.