Become an home-based educator

Benefits of becoming an Organic Kids educator.

Working with a small group of children at your home where secure attachments can be formed, in a nurturing, warm environment. This offers the flexibility of having your own children at home with you.

Programme support to all educators through a qualified and experienced early childhood teacher who visits each child educator monthly to support them in planning for the developmental needs and interests of the children in their care.

Great programme events on offer including weekly playgroup, monthly group outings and forest education to explore the wonders of nature.

Support with providing transition to school ideas and helping children with school readiness.

Working alongside qualified, like minded educators and teachers, all holding qualifications ranging from level 3 to level 7.

Professional development opportunities for educators and families.

Support with marketing your business.

Great income potential.

Be part of a professional, locally owned and operated service, offering quality programmes.

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