Debbie – Prebbleton

Level 3 Certificate in Care and Education

Level 3 Certificate in Tikanga (Mātauranga Māori)

I am a proud Mum to three older children and wife to Brett. We moved to NZ in 2006 from the UK and I have been caring for children at my home since 2011. We live in Prebbleton with three cats, a few chickens and some tropical fish.

I have always loved the preschool age. I love the way they look at the world and how they are amazed by each and everything they encounter. I watch and wonder with them, supporting and encouraging exploration and development at their own pace. I am passionate about creating secure and nurturing attachments with the children that I care for and aim to develop relationships that last a lifetime. I work hard to build relationships with your child before exploring a programme based on their interests and needs following the age and stage, taking the time to let them settle in and feel a strong sense of belonging to our little group. Our predictable routines are comforting to the children and they settle into them very quickly.

I have fun with the children and offer them freedom of choice in their activities as well as many opportunities to explore new concepts. I like to see children expressing themselves through play and exploration. I encourage them to be independent whilst at the same time nurturing their individuality and giving them lots of positive attention. I offer a high-quality learning environment in a safe and nurturing home. With no more than four children in my care at any one time, I dedicate myself to providing safe, calm and familiar care as we develop a warm and responsive relationship.

We spend a lot of our time outside, both at my home and around the village. There is so much to explore and investigate within walking/riding/toddling distance that negates the need to hop in the car.

Magda Gerber’s philosophy is very close to my own “Provide an environment for the child that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing.”

My mission is to create a safe, fun and educational environment where children can play, learn and grow to fully develop social, cognitive and emotional skills that will prepare them for the future.


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Tuesday – Friday

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