Mia– Woolston

Level 3 Certificate in Care and Education

I believe I offer a very individual and child centred approach to my practice of being an at home educator. I feel I am a facilitator of learning experiences rather than a o‘teacher’. Through observing, interacting and being present for each child I quickly find out what they enjoy, how they learn and the ways in which I can extend their knowledge and play through first hand experiences. I endeavour to make their time in my care fun, as stress free as possible, empowering, safe, challenging and memorable.

I am working on adapting the environment that they play in to be more holistic and natural. I am building up resources that encompass the philosophy of ‘less is more’ using loose parts and naturally found play parts that are found or reused. Through this play I am encouraging children to think for themselves, out of the square, to make choices and solve problems through trial and error, just to have a go. I am also introducing some key rituals into our day, taking mundane routines and exploring how they can become inspiring and memorable to the children.

I think it is important to allow children the space and time to explore their surroundings in their own way as well as encouraging them to participate in more focussed play for their acquisition of social skills, cooperation, turn taking and following simple rules eg when learning games. I make good and now better informed judgement when it comes to the quality of resources and books I have on offer.

The importance of language and listening skills underpins all that they do. I love books and also the ability to ‘storytell’, and encourage the children to sit with me for these experiences as well as freely choosing books to browse, the love for books and stories will help widen their vocabulary.

I feel I am very quick at understanding children’s individual needs and am able to express these honestly and respectfully in the learning stories and photographs I share. I am very patient with the children in my care and feel it is important to get the basics right like sleep, food routines and a close attachment before other interactions and learning can take place.

I have a deep sense of love and admiration for the little human beings in my care and am in total awe watching them grow each day, it is an honour to be given that responsibility by their parents and I thank them for the trust they have in me. I am very open to my own learning/ professional development to continually improve and grow my own practice and the way that I am when I am present with these amazing Individuals.


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, Flexible hours