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Kia ora, I’m Bec. I am a mum to three amazing young men, and have a very supportive husband who walks beside me everyday.  We have a small lifestyle block to which we call home and have been renovating it for the past three years through up-cycling furniture and purchasing items off Trade Me and Market Place. We have established an organic vegetable garden and a food forest in the hopes to one day be self sufficient with our food. This journey is one that is ever evolving.

I started  my teaching journey as a Mum at the young age of 21. I always wanted to be a primary school teacher, so when Tyler, my son, was 8 months old I enrolled in Teachers College here in Christchurch. During my final year I decided to go relieving in ECE and feel in LOVE with working with young children and never turned back. I have had some amazing mentors in my life both personally and professionally and have always wanted to be able to share my passion. After meeting my husband and getting married I took the plunge into mentoring home based educators and found my dream job.  Now here I am, following my heart, ready to share my knowledge to support and mentor teachers and parents in their journey of raising our future generations.


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Bachelor of Teaching and Learning Primary,
Diploma of Teaching and Leaning ECE,
Graduate Diploma Education Leadership (ECE),
Level 3 Certificate in Tikanga (Mātauranga Māori),
Child Protection 
First Aid

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Bachelor of Teaching and Learning ECE,
Child Protection 
First Aid



Kia ora, I’m Lou. I am a dedicated and passionate teacher, Mum, wife and friend and have had such a fun and for filling journey in my Early Childhood career and personally in my life so far. Teaching and nurturing young children is my passion, and has been from a young age. Growing up I was a little girl who loved her dolls and played with my doll “Lisa” for years and years, taking her everywhere I went!  At the age of 19, I hadn’t lost my passion and interest in children and decided Early Childhood teaching was my calling. I finished my degree and graduated with a Batchelor of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood Education and Care in 2002 and have never looked back. I begin my teaching career in a Nursery with children 0-2 years of age, which I loved, growing my hands on skills and knowledge as I worked with a fantastic team of like-minded teachers. After a few years I became the head teacher in the nursery, supporting the team to provide the best learning environment we could imagine for our babies. I loved this role but had a calling to learn more about home-based care as I learnt more and more about the importance of connection and secure relationships for our young children. This took me to a position of ‘Visiting Teacher’ in home-based care, mentoring home based educators in their work with children from home. I have never looked back, as quality home-based care is where my heart is.



Kia ora, I am Billie. First and foremost, I am a learner and then secondly I am an educator to others. I strive to always be learning and growing within myself as a contributor to our society and community and also for my partner and our 5 children. My nature is to never sit still; I strive to discover and develop ways to ensure my life is richer, more authentic and to simply be better and feel better than I did the day before. My mission for my role in education is to share this passion with others and to support them to be the best that they can possibly be. I empower others to drive forward, to question, to develop intrigue and to provoke the ‘norm’.

My teaching career began when I was 21 years old and although I did not know a lot about early childhood education, what I did know is that I wanted to make a positive difference in children’s lives. This passion led me to several leadership roles and ultimately a mentorship role with kaiako across the country, supporting and empowering them through facilitating professional development and implementing professional growth cycles. I strongly believe that my teaching and leadership strategies are driven by the ideology of advocacy and empathy. I believe that as educators, if we can implement and reflect on our teaching practice with the child at the heart of our decision making and interactions, then we are doing the right thing by our babes.

Being an advocate for play-based learning and free movement, not only in my education role, but also as a mother, I recognise that all children learn at their own pace and in their own time. This same belief is held dearly for all the adults in my life as well. Our role is not to ‘teach’, yet to walk alongside them and foster an environment where risk taking, problem solving and intrigue are supported and encouraged.

I feel blessed to be able to share my passion with others and to be in a position where collaboration is celebrated.

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Bachelor of Teaching and Learning,
Child Protection,
First Aid