Scarlett – Shirley 

Bachelor of Teaching – Early Childhood Education

Hi I’m Scarlett and I live in Shirley. I hold a Bachelor of Teaching (ECE) and am also a provisionally registered teacher. I have had many years experience working with young children including as a nanny, a home-based educator and more recently in an early childhood centre.

Through this experience I have learnt that something I believe to be important is low ratios. This supports the ability to create trusting relationships between myself and children and their families. Relationships are what I consider to be one of the most important things when working with young children because through these relationships children feel safe and secure and ready to explore their environment. Another one of my key values is respect. This to me means so much and really comes down to treating children as capable human beings. It includes allowing them the freedom to move without restrictions, validating their emotions and involving them and asking their co-operation during their care moments.

My program will involve a mix of time spent at home and out and about in the community. The children in my care are given plenty of opportunity to play freely and I offer a range of open-ended resources where the opportunities for play are endless! I also enjoy creating rituals for the children such as our mealtime ritual. By making these care moments calm and meaningful, helps fill their ’emotional tanks’ so they are ready to play.

Most of all I want to ensure that the children in my care feel loved and in an environment where they are learning and developing naturally, at a pace individual to them.


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday, Flexible hours