Taryn – Oxford


Bachelor in Teaching and Learning – ECE

Hi I’m Taryn, I have a bachelor of teaching early childhood education and over 10 years experience working with children both as a nanny and in early childhood centres.

I believe that building a strong relationship with children in my care is important so they can feel comfortable and confident to explore my home environment while gaining a strong sense of belonging. I also believe respect and empathy are important as well as open communication with families.

I live on a rural property with my husband, our 2 young children and our family dog. We have a big backyard with a mud kitchen and lots of room to explore. While here children will have the opportunity to explore nature, water, open ended resources, participate in baking, arts and free play. Loose parts and heuristic play are important to me as I believe they give children the opportunity to be curious and explore the world at their own pace.

We will attend a community music group on Monday mornings and other outings and events in the community.

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Opening Hours

7am – 6pm
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday